Show Your Support & Wear My "Believe" T-Shirt

When I first started my career in MMA, I knew I wanted to be the best.  

Making it to the UFC wasn't a question in my mind.  

However, to an outsider it may seem like a dream or a fantasy but to me, I had something that nobody can measure.  


I believed that if I trained hard enough, surrounded myself with the best coaches and teammates in the world and sacrificed everything necessary to become the best I would become a top contender in the UFC.  

That day has come and I am prepared to make my mark in my upcoming fight against the talented Ian McCall. 

I have home field advantage fighting in my hometown Tennessee & I couldn't be more excited for the opportunity!  

I designed these T-Shirts to let my fans show their support and belief in my dreams and in their own dreams as well.  

So pick your favorite colors and order a few! 

As always, Thank you for having my back.  I've got the best fans in the world and can't wait to put on a show for you all! 

Stay Choppin'